FOR OVER 50 YEARS PACIFIC PAPER has been manufacturing high quality paper products, sold at economical price levels for the most demanding professional and commercial environments.

From a wide variety of heavy weight folded and roll towel products ó designed to fit the most popular dispensers, to soft and gentle bath tissues, Pacific Paper manufactures products with the look, feel and quality of the large national brands, at competitive pricing.

Attractive and functional packaging puts a perfect wrap on every product in each of our three lines to ensure your satisfaction.


  • BELFAIR brand washroom products stand as an industry leader in premium quality paper products. From our incredibly soft Belfair Bath and Facial tissues, to our absorbent Belfair Towels, and our very popular DRC All Purpose Wipes, the Belfair line canít be beat in quality, strength and over all value.
  • BOUQUET brand products are made from premium paper ingredients to insure quality performance. The Bouquet line of products are soft and yet strong and very absorbent. The entire line retains the Pacific Paper Products standards for quality and excellent value.
  • SOFT-TECH has been specifically designed for wiping sensitive or delicate surfaces on electronics and precision parts, laboratory and optical instruments and various retail, automotive and office uses. Excellent performance and value priced.

Whichever Pacific Paper Product best suits your needs, you will find all of our products to be quality performers and second to none in the paper products industry, as well, all of our products are economically priced to fit your budget.

We at Pacific Paper Products would like to thank you for helping to make us the number one resource for paper products in the country, and we look forward to serving your professional needs.

Pacific Paper Products